WTF is Revorta?

Well, for starters, let me explain what this blog is about, starting with its name. “Revorta” is a pun with the word “revolta” (revolt), in certain kind of Brazilian accent (a redneck one). I started writing in another address (unavailable now), motivated by some angry issues I had back then, and I kept writing with the same tone for some time. Then I started writing some things in a more light-hearted way and I really enjoyed doing so. But I started running out of ideas and I quit sometime in 2006. I always thought about writing again, but never felt motivated enough. Earlier this year, due to several reasons, I decided to start it again. And now you’re reading these poorly written lines… the subject matter of this new endeavour isn’t the same as the older blog, because I changed a lot from then to now. Nowadays I write about music, movies, games and some really random stuff.

As I only wrote in English for MobyGames, I’m not used to write my own stuff in this language. So I’ll try my best to sound like I usually do in Portuguese. Anyway, enough of this silly talk!


2 Respostas to “WTF is Revorta?”

  1. Erik Hogan Says:

    I’ve been wondering for awhile what Revorta meant.

    I look forward to reading your blog posts, but since you’re posting in English, it may be worth investigating changing the wordpress language settings to English!

    Still, it’s kind of sad to see you giving up blogging in Portugese, maybe theres a way to blog in more then one language?

  2. chirinea Says:

    The idea is to keep posting in Portuguese too. Sometimes I’ll post the same thing in both languages, sometimes just in English, sometimes just in Portuguese.

    As for changing WordPress language, I guess that would be ok. Though it is possible that some readers can’t read English well, they could at least understand the interface if it was in English.

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