“My vacations…”

I’ve been away from this blog for quite some time now, and that is due to my vacations. Several times I wanted to come here and write a bit about the things that were happening to me, but I guess I was too busy enjoying them to do so. So, just like when I was in primary school and we had to write essays about our vacations, here’s one about mine.

I spent my vacations in São Paulo state, the most of the time in two cities: Itatinga and Barra Bonita. Itatinga is where my parents and many friends live. Barra Bonita is where my girlfriend lives. This was something new because it’s been a while since I didn’t spend my vacations in company of a girlfriend, and the main reason I didn’t write much here was exactly the fact that I was too busy being happy beside her. =) I travelled a lot since the two cities are 83Km apart from each other, so in my calculations I drove more than 2000Km in the last month and a half.  Besides travelling to Barra Bonita, I also went to Bauru (where my brother and many friends live) and to Poços de Caldas, to visit some good friends of mine.

Besides driving a lot, I read a lot in these vacations. I finally finished reading “The Selfish Gene” by Richard Dawkins, and just after that I read “The God Delusion” by the same author. I liked the first one better, not because I believe in God (to some people, believing in God is somewhat synonymous to disliking Dawkins), but because I really think the first is a better written book. The later seems like its chapters were written separately and somewhat sewn together not so well. If I have the time I’ll write more about the book, perhaps in Portuguese, because there are many things that could be said about it and maybe I would be more comfortable writing those things in my mother language, but I digress. After reading “The God Delusion” I read “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat”, by Oliver Sacks. I started reading this book back in graduation but never finished it, this time I read it whole. And finally I read “The Naked Ape” by Desmond Morris.  I felt like watching to the Ethology classes back in graduation, because this book was the source of many things my professor used to teach. I could spend a whole thread for each book and how interesting they are, specially for my classes and all, and maybe I’ll do so in the future.

Other than driving and reading, I played some games also, because as we say down here, “nobody is made of iron” =). But the sad thing is that I only played World of Warcraft and a little bit of The Suffering. I’m feeling bad already about The Suffering because I can’t get arsed to finish it. I don’t know, latelly I’ve been losing interest in games if they take me too much time to finish. This didn’t happen with Halo or Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, maybe because I enjoyed those games better, but I really don’t know. WoW is like a hobby, is like something you do a every once in a while, like scratching your own head or something. It doesn’t feel much like playing a game, except for battlegrounds maybe, because I don’t feel much challenged. Sometimes I play it because I want to be able to build a certain thing as an engineer, or because I want to reach a certain level, but I don’t know, as I know the game doesn’t have an end, I keep coming back to it a bit aimlessly. A good surprise was discovering Crayon Physics Deluxe, but that was just in the end of my vacations, so I hope to spend my spare time on it during this semester. Don’t expect reviews or anything like that, I’m better on writing descriptions.

Speaking about MobyGames, 2008 was a  low year for me. I just grew 5400 points last year, and that’s a whole less than what I did in 2007 (8871). Of course it was due to my work (because I spent the first semester of 2007 at home mainly working on the site), but I wish I can do a better job there this year. The same goes to approving.

And that was basically what I did in my vacations. The best part of it was being close to my girlfriend. This time we spent together just made me sure that we’re on the right way together, and I really wish my next vacations to be at least as good as these I had. I wish we travel together, maybe abroad, as I did in my 2007 vacations. And that’s all, folks.


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