Ongoing projects

Ok, so I decided to take a new approach to this blogging thing. I guess I don’t write here too much because I simply don’t feel like writing witty remarks and stuff like I used to do in my previous blog. So I guess I’ll keep this as more of a journal for the things I’ve been doing.

So here’s what’s on my mind lately: one of the colleges in which I teach have this idea of research lines to be developed. They’re asking for professors to design research projects to start implementing them next semester. I’ve been getting more and more interested in the relation between teaching practices and learning, and there are quite a few problems that we deal with daily in that college that should be dealt with a more scientific approach. Some time ago I was reading about Fred Keller’s PSI and I was very interested in that. Unfortunately, the colleges I teach in are not that open for a program like that, so I’ll do my best to try to implement the closest approach to a behavioral based teaching system I can get.  I have to submit my research line project until tomorrow, when we’ll have a meeting with the college’s director.

Besides that, I was asked to join another psychologist to work with him in his clinic. I’ve been thinking on working with clinical psychology for quite a while now, so this may get serious.

Finally, I’m having problems with keeping my work at MobyGames up to the standards I used to have last year. I’m contributing a lot less than in the past, and my last game submitted, The Kiwi’s Tale, took me more than to months to submit (sorry, Erik!).  I’ll try to organize things so I can contribute more to the project (both as a contributor and approver).


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  1. Erik Hogan Says:

    Thats okay Gui, take your time. I really appreciate what you’re doing for us (and what you’ve already done).

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